An experienced San Diego business lawyer is essential to the success of your business. Many people think that a lawyer is a luxury or only needed if there is a lawsuit. Both are common misconceptions. Lawyers are as basic as plumbing and electricity in a house and you need a lawyer before litigation is filed because a good lawyer helps you avoid litigation. In summary, these are among the many tasks accomplished by your trusted business lawyer:

  • Helps protect you and your family personally — through corporate formations
  • Maintains and repairs-as-needed your corporate structures
  • Protects your business from apex predators in your market
  • Lays the foundation for your business to become an apex predator in the market
  • As noted, uses well-drafted contracts and company policies to avoid litigation
  • Helps your business avoid entanglements with government agencies by helping you comply with statutes and regulations

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San Diego Corporate Law: Protecting You and Your Family

Forming a corporate entity protects you and your family from being personally liable for business-related obligations and liability. This is not about avoiding paying your creditors; this is about accidents and other potential liabilities that are beyond your control. If there is a slip and fall at your place of business or if you end up being sued by an angry employee or customer, you do not want your personal assets at risk. A good business lawyer can help form your corporate entities.

San Diego Corporate Law: Maintaining Your Corporate Formalities

Once created, corporations and other corporate entities must be maintained with annual filings, meeting, minutes, and other records. Failure to maintain the corporate formalities puts you and your business at risk. Your trusted corporate attorney handles these routine matters so you can focus on making your business a success.

San Diego Corporate Law: Protecting Your Business

The marketplace is fiercely competitive. If your competitors can take advantage of your business with onerous contracts, many of them will. A good business lawyer will see the dangers and ameliorate them through contract negotiations or advise that you find another contracting partner.

San Diego Corporate Law: Aggressively Seizing Market Share

If you want to be aggressive in your marketplace and seize market share from your competitors, a battle-hardened corporate attorney is essential. Aggressive and enforceable contract strategies can make your business a leading-edge company and can take the fight to your competition. Legal strategies like mergers and acquisitions can winnow the field and wall off sections of the market and can position your business for downfield or upstream conquests.

San Diego Corporate Law: Avoiding Litigation

Litigation is expensive and is a time-consuming distraction from what you want to do, which is make your business a success. A good business lawyer helps avoid litigation with well-drafted business contracts and company policies. Plain and clear language, concise wording, defined terms, and multiple provisions that cover the foreseeable problems which help set expectations, ward off lawsuits, and encourage settlement if litigation is threatened.

San Diego Corporate Law: Winning Litigation

Sometimes litigation cannot be avoided. Good business contracts will help you win the cases if they are filed. The same is true for well-crafted job descriptions and company policies.

San Diego Corporate Law: Avoiding Government Entanglements

Businesses are regulated at the local, state, and federal level. To be successful, your business must navigate all of the rules and regulations. An experienced business lawyer can help your business stay in compliance, which avoid suits and actions by government agencies. Examples include compliance with

  • Tax laws
  • Permit requirement
  • Zoning and health regulations
  • Sales taxes and licenses
  • Water usage
  • Waste management
  • Labor related rules including notices, wages, leave, and workers’ compensation requirements
  • Accessibility requirements (including website accessibility)
  • Anti-harassment and anti-discrimination rules
  • And more

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