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Use Social Media to Improve Business


With multiple social media outlets, using the web can get overwhelming and confusing. Choosing the best media outlets for your business is essential in marketing your business. Make sure to have a clear-cut strategy on to whom and how to promote your business or product, and ensure you are marketing to the right demographics.

It is advantageous to remember “less is more” with social media. People want to receive the message as quickly as possible; they do not wish to sort through material. You need to catch the consumer’s attention or grab the eye of user. Adapting to the consumers’ preferences can be tremendously beneficial to the growth of your company. People are continually anxious to follow the newest trend, meaning your business will most likely have to find new ways to target its demographic.

How I do choose what media outlet is right for my business?

Each social media outlet is unique, and each media outlet uses different ways of marketing to the consumer.


Facebook marketing is primarily used for building a strong long-term relationship with its viewers. Facebook is about showing the consumer “this is me”. Once a post, picture, video, etc., receives a “like,” that fan will continue to receive activity you post on their newsfeed. Facebook also provides a way to closer relationships with customers by allowing one-on-one conversations with those you have shared a post with or are interested in your business page. Furthermore, a business page also provides insight, which shows the business manager(s) how many Facebook accounts your post has reached and the number of accounts engaged in the page.


Twitter is a great social media outlet for those who want to voice an advertisement similar to a text message. It allows you to frequently reach people and communicate with the entire world. Twitter allows individuals to use hashtags (#) to link a word or saying to every account that used the same word or saying. People can also reply to your tweets just like other social outlets. In addition, Twitter has the capability to link with other media outlets. Any “tweet” has the ability to also show up on your Facebook page, Google +, and even your business website.

Google +

Google + is a valuable social media outlet that can be extremely beneficial for those who search locally for business. Today, many, if not most, consumers search for local businesses online. Google + is exceptional because it ties your Google + business page with customers on Google Search, Maps, and Google +. Similar to other media outlets, your audience has the ability to show their feedback with ratings and reviews, support any content you post, and re-share your posts across the web. Similar to Facebook, Google + has the ability to show you insights into the habits of your viewers.

How do I Market My Professional Identity?

Many businesses also use LinkedIn to market to individuals through their professional identities. It is a great way to reach out and connect to people in a professional business manner. LinkedIn allows an individual to post links, articles, or updates. It provides people and businesses information about your specialties and your career path. LinkedIn does not permit an individual to claim their employment or any type of affiliation with a company until the manager of the company’s LinkedIn page approves the individual. Therefore, people are less able to falsify an association with a company.

Do not let the variety of social media outlet overwhelm you or your business Take advantage of each outlet as it allows you to uniquely market your company to the world. Social media continues to promote major growth in businesses across the globe. Utilize the various opportunities available for each social media outlet. Follow San Diego Corporate Law on FacebookTwitterGoogle +, and LinkedIn!

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