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Digital Marketing for Small Business

Digital marketing continues to skyrocket for many successful businesses. With advanced technology, numerous social media outlets, and an app for just about anything, there are many opportunities to promote “you”. Having a digital marketing plan is essential; however, it can take a great deal of time to assemble. It may be helpful for your business to keep several different strategies on hand for new ways of marketing your business or product. Your business should use helpful digital resources to grow your business. There are many resources available for marketing at low-cost or even freely. It is always important to take advantage of low cost resources and keep a stable budget on your marketing.

Company Website

Use your company website to digitally market to new customers. Consumers often research online and select a company based on the website. They want to know more about who you are as a business and what makes you different from your competitors. Make sure your page is easy to navigate and well organized. You should frequently update your website with new content and innovative information. While keeping your page content fresh, your branding and logos should be consistent. You want your customers to recognize your brand the next time they see it. Consistent, strategic branding represents a well-built brand, which means additional value to your company’s products or services. Furthermore, do not be afraid to post awards or any other honors your company has received on its website. Awards show a quality business and product that attracts more customers. If you are a small business owner, you will have to find creative ideas to stand apart from large companies. Provide value rather than merely selling to your customers.

E-mail Updates

Personal business relationship elicit trust and show value in you. Your customers and clients will appreciate personal engagement and involvement with your company. Emailing is another resourceful tool to market your business. Use email to send updated newsletters. Send monthly, bimonthly, or annual newsletters to keep your customers informed. Emails allow you to send information for free rather than pay for first class mail. Digital mail instantly allows your audience to directly receive your business information in seconds. Utilize email for transactional emails. These messages are typically sent after a purchase has been completed as an opportunity to kindly thank a customer and confirm the purchase. Finally, use email for feedback and surveys. Send out emails asking about your customer service. Find out what consumers like about your business or product and what you can do to improve the consumer experience. People who enjoy your business will find it fitting to partake in your surveys.

Social Media

Finally, social media is a free to low-cost marketing tool that many businesses have found helpful to inform consumers about their services. Creating a business page allows customers and potential consumers to know more about you while also marketing to new audiences. Media outlets allow you to post updates for free on your page or pay a small fee to advertise to potential customers. Be careful not to overwhelm your audience with too many updates using social media. You may want to aim for 5-10 updates a week. When it comes to social media, people gravitate toward fewer words and more pictures. Let the pictures do the talking. The best pictures are self-explanatory. For more information on Social Media marketing, check out our blog on how to use social media to improve business! You can also find us on LinkedInTwitterFacebook, and Google+.


The digital market is endless. There are a variety of opportunities to market your business, whether big or small. While digital marketing is a great opportunity for small businesses to gain popularity, do not forget human interaction. People still need to feel they can trust a company and the quality of their product. Engage with your customers by either scheduling appointments or even making a simple telephone call. San Diego Corporate Law is only a phone call away, or if you prefer, follow us on our social media accounts for more helpful advice for your business.

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